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    TV Hauppauge WinTV Express ( analogue, pci )
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    TV Hauppauge WinTV Express ( analogue, pci )

    Price: €34.50

    Untitled Document

    This TV card from Hauppauge has the new SoftPVR DixX recording support.

    Here is a brief overview of some features on this card:

    TV Tuner PCI
    View teletext pages
    Watch TV on your PC
    Video conference over the internet
    Record from live TV or external video
    Snap and print video images and motion video
    High resolution Image capture of 1600 x 1200 at 24-bit
    With SoftPVR software, you get DivX and MPEG recording !
    In viewing mode - utilizes VGA memory not slowing down CPU, for other tasks

    Go to the 'more info' link to see more details.

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    List price: €69.00
    Price: €67.00
    You save: €2.00 (3%)

    Untitled Document

    Dazzle VideoCollector 2006 is a video capture and TV tuner PCI card that includes three software titles: Pinnacle Studio QuickStart for easy video editing, Pinnacle InstantDVD Recorder for transferring your VHS tapes Direct-to-DVD and Pinnacle TVCenter for recording analogue (PAL) or digital TV, ideal for archiving your VHS movies and TV shows on DVD

    Record from or external video
    Record TV on your PC and schedule recordings
    Use timeshifting to pause a live show without missing a second
    Transfer your collection of movies to DVD, with one-click recording
    Easy video editing, video and audio restoration tools for archiving
    Hybrid TV tuner supports analogue (PAL) and digital (DVB-T) tuner
    Create your own DVDs, complete with menus and chapters of recorded movies
    High-quality analogue-to-digital converter for capturing resolutions up to 720 x 576.

    PINNACLE PCTV40i TV/Radio Card
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    PINNACLE PCTV40i TV/Radio Card

    Price: €50.00

    Untitled Document

    This premium quality PAL/SECAM/NTSC tuner and radio provides you with many features included with software, personal video recording features like timeshifting. It’s also easy to record radio to your hard disk, supports stereo and teletext. Click 'more info' and see further information.

    Listen & record FM radio
    PAL/SECAM/NTSC tuner
    For analogue and cable TV
    Record TV directly in DivX format!
    One button record or scheduled recording
    Use timeshifting to pause a live show without missing a second
    Transfer your collection of movies to DVD, with one-click recording
    Use timeshifting to pause, rewind, fast-forward TV and FM radio while recording
    FM radio and Internet radio stations integrated together in one interface
    Upgrade to Pinnacle Media Center for MPEG2 recording and other features

    MSI TV@anywhere A/D TV Card
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    MSI TV@anywhere A/D TV Card

    Price: €65.00

    Untitled Document

    FM Radio
    Remote control function
    DVB-T is compatible with Microsoft MCE 2005
    Worldwide analog TV reception from cable/air TV
    Supports Still Image capture in JPEG or BMP format
    Support HDTV Receiving up to 1080i (DVB-T Only)
    Supports Time-Shifting and Scheduled Recording function
    Supports Microsoft DirectSound for Analog TV / AV / S-Video
    Integrate Philips Silicon Tuner and Demodulator to receive DVB-T signal
    Watch free-to-air digital terrestrial TV and listen to digital radio (not DAB) on your PC
    Integrated Video Decoder and Audio Decoder (BTSC, EIAJ, NICAM, A2 & AM etc) chipset
    Additional AV/S-Video Input, be able to connect other video sources (such as DVD Player/VCD/VHS/Camcorder)
    TWIN: Turns on and off Twin Mode, which lets you watch digital TV and an analog input (S-Video or AV in) at the same time side by side
    PIP: Turns on and off PIP Mode, which lets you watch both digital TV and an analog input (S-Video or AV in) at the same time in separate windows
    Supports real-time video recording in MPEG-4/2/1 format (MPEG4 is compatible with DivX or Microsoft MPEG4). (Note: codec need to be downloaded from internet)


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