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    Our Philisophy:
    We have so many different ways of helping individuals and companies improving their work methods, and adding value to their company with our solutions. We offer guidance and advice to make you choose the right solution for a range of problems you maybe facing regarding technology. We welcome you to take time, to write to us, so we can also on a personal level have a one to one interaction or also to meet with you, and experience some of what we have to offer. We will take the time to show you how our solutions are better than others locally and internationally, also how we achieve high ROI with clients after they start to use our solutions. Be it security, monitoring, office automation, remote control systems, we have the exprience and knowledge to push you up to another level, showing you how to grow, expanding your horizons, and overall providing you peace of mind. Ultimately when we look after our clients, they become a new challenge to nurture, teach, and we take the time, to explore all possibilites, no matter how silly they might seem. Our goal is your peace of mind, knowing full well we have done our best to help in your life and work environment, to achieve what we together have set out to achieve.

    Best prices - best quality - best service:

    All in One Online Shop provides the customer the best prices,quality and service. From the time you decide to find out about a product we have online support, a direct phone number to talk where you talk directly to someone responsible to answer your questions, send you further written information, to backup what we say, and our promise to you, the quality of the product and quality of the service long after the sale from our online shop. No matter how small or how big your purchase, we assure you the best service possible from our wonderful island of Cyprus.
    Door-to-door service:
    Our international customers are no exception to this, as they benefit as well with great after sales service as well, and no matter how far, on any corner of the world, with couriers we offer quick door-to-door service.Our local customers benefit from this service as the door-to-door concept is what we believe in, so we DELIVER & COLLECT from your address. NO mess, NO fuss, a phone call is all you need to make and your done !
    Customer list:
    We value our customers. They are the reason we exist. We need to continue in this business for many years to come and to do so we look after them as if they were our own family. If you are interested in our customer list email us and we will arrange a meeting and come see you and tell you more about our company.

    Try us and see what so many other people are so happy about, when using www.allinoneonline.com.

    Our business
    We take pride and have a high level of professionalism in what we do. With over 30 years experience with IT and many aspects of it, we keep pace with innovative solutions.
    Our Track Record
    We have built a good track record with our clients. Understanding customer difficulties with current technologies is the first step to helping them. Our guidance and advice guide you to the right decision.
    Our Support Line
    With a strong chain of support, and also being online 24hrs, we provide an alternative method of contacting us. View our online product catalogues with all the latest up to the minute changes.


    Online Computer Shop
    Browse our online catalogue and see our custom laptops and other products we offer. To see our catalogue, click here or on the "Home/ Computer Shop" link on our site.
    Onsite/Offsite Hardware Support
    Repair & consultations on how to improve your current setups, be it just a small PC at home or enterprise networks, anywhere in Cyprus.
    Onsite/ Offsite Software support
    Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Sun systems.
    Website Development
    From start to finish, be it a small one page site or a challenging e-commerce database driven solution, we have the programming experience and use the latest technologies available.
    Graphic Design
    For all your visual ads that need to be unique and eye catching, posters advertising, and much more.
    Multimedia Production
    Commercials for television, production and editing of movies, advertising for the internet with Macromedia Flash and other technologies.
    IP Surveillance and IP Security
    IP cameras, with complementary solutions, remote monitoring, camera recording, full video@ 30 fps with audio 1280 x 960, with latest technologies. Call us and replace out-dated CCTV solutions..
    Disaster Prevention and Recovery
    For preventing accidental loss of data, and to recover after a disaster, we have many options available for you.
    PBX Solutions with Asterisk.
    Try our Asterisk servers that enable custom PBX solutions, combined with VoIP SIP technology and 3G with endless options with current technologies.
    Be it in C,C++,Delphi,Python,Visual Basic, email us your programming ideas, to make them a reality.

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