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Pandemic Exposure/Proximity
Track & Trace

A human approach to protecting people responsibly using your phone


Our voluntary platform can provide anonymous proximity information ie. time/durations of close exposure to others who may have later realized they could have inadvertently
infected others and are trying help to stop spread of a virus or other contagious disease. Also health authorities can contact us if they are interested to use our platform as a digital contact tracing solution during epidemics 


The proximity platform does not store any personal information or travel history information of any kind. A random 9 digit pseudo ID is your reference from here on in the platform

On sign up you will be sent by email information about what applications are available in the 2 stores apple & google which are  compatible with our platform. You will use a randomly generated 9 digit pseudo ID to install with. Only data sent in real-time will be used minute by minute to calculate the proximity of your phone - next to others using the same APP


YOU are in control of the APP on your phone 

For the APP to work on our system others also need to install the same APP on their phones. Manually control when you want to be proximity checked with other smartphones.


Realtime Proximity Calculations &  Data Minimization & Real Time HOT ZONE Area Alerts ( buildings etc... considered higher risk )

As every 25 seconds ( a setting during the installation ) we get GPS data from the smartphones within 1 or 2 minutes proximites of smartphones are calculated so we discard/delete this travel history. Our platform keeps only a timestamp, a distance, and which smartphones were near each other for  distances < 10 metres. This data will remain as per user consent during signup on the platform for a maximum of 15 days. 


Updating your Health Status, anonymously.

Currently health status updates happen when you the  user voluntarily submit details via this web page anonymously. See below "Update your health status on our platform".  There could be many reasons why someone may want to share this information with others using our platform.

Logs  available 9am EEST - 9pm EEST Cyprus Time 

Update your health status on our platform

If you want to share something about how you feel today on our platform completely anonymously



Others use Bluetooth why do you use GPS only ?

We find GPS more reliable and accurate at calculating small distances between people of approximately 10 metres or less. Cyprus also has no underground and is well suited for a GPS type solution. In most the malls here GPS works even in those buildings allowing us the capability to use it in those places also.

Bluetooth was not originally designed for distance measurement but for streaming data. There are innacuracies when bluetooth signal strength is relied upon to measure distances. Bluetooth & its surroundings can introduce errors in distance measurements such as  open air/outside given false sense of closeness or in pockets/handbags giving false sense of more distance. 


Why real time and why not just tell us of whether I was exposed or not ?

ALERTS can be sent to people when someone goes to a HOT ZONE as a helpful informative warning to be aware of their surroundings. So real time critical data can warn people that they put themselves at higher risk being in a HOT ZONE for too long. Our solution is not COVID specific either but it can be any situation where an ALERT is vital to be sent to someone.

Data is always open to interpretation so allowing an APP to decide ( a possible infection ) we think is not a good way to go about contact tracing. With regard to the Covid Outbreak in Singapore their  app TraceTogether ALERTS YOU on condition that after 15 handshakes ( 15 minutes ) that some potential infection may have occurred due to this closeness to someone. Many people are sceptical about such an alert's accuracy leading to false positives. Data must be used correctly or looked at logically and many factors need to be taken into account before coming to such decisions on sending out alarming alerts to people.

We allow for real transparency as you see the data and anyone registered can "search" the data on their own, or have experts in local health departments use this as an aid to work faster. They can use their anonymous random 9 DIGIT ID and see close encounters. Any ID with an appended code indicates a health update by someone. [ djwoej5re is healthy , jsb52k36=03+04 cough & fever as an example ]


Any other limitations of bluetooth for digital contact tracing ?

Altitude is something bluetooth cannot measure like GPS does. One example is if someone is above another at a fairly close distance ( example on a double decker bus ) that does not mean that an infection occurred also this is a good example of how a false positive can happen. 

The current bluetooth APPs also need newer Android 8+/iOS11+  to work with Buetooth Low Energy ( BLE), where as existing apps we use can work on much older devices going back to Android 4 !   


What makes your approach better than other solutions ?

Our near real-time on-the-fly proximity calculations has the advantage, that we can quickly do our calculations and delete travel  history and just keep the useful  data which is the anonymous IDs and time durations people were next to each other.  This lessens risks of data breaches that can later be misused or exploited. As the data is shown to everyone who registered there is no reason to hack anything either. We also seek co-operation with anyone who would like to receive our JSON data or use their APPs to write to our servers, to help build a community of people that can really make a difference and curve future pandemics. 

Other mobile app solutions doing digital contact tracing like this one are very time consuming. Having to look into your google location history and manually trace and try figure out contacts over the past 15 days can be completely useless as you will not know who was sitting next to you at a coffee shop 5 days ago. So in fact, other than just giving those investigating health workers a list of friends/family and co-workers you were near over the past 15 days these historical locations won't help much. It may trigger your memory where you may have gone but if you don't know the people or passers by where you went you still at a dead end helping others.

China QR codes scanning on front doors of buildings does not mean in fact people in the building have crossed paths either and is a vague way of contact tracing. 

Cell Phone Tower Location accuracy  still nowhere near as accurate as GPS rules out that technology as a viable solution. 

There is no silver bullet solution for such situations but one must try find the most logical solution and we think all privacy concerns were addressed using GPS as our chosen solution of choice.


If you would like to use your mobile app to send us data or want output JSON format to your servers contact us for co-operation.

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Even if Google and Apple make their bluetooth contact tracing technology available to all phones many people will turn off the bluetooth settings or turn off their phones if they want privacy. No operating system should have the ability to "plugin" permanently  and follow you 24/7 recording your movements for a prolonged period of time. We are against this, and many believe this is very wrong. Also we have no idea in this scenario how often and what data exactly is being stored in the data centers keeping this information. 

Our method of transparency of the data is for your benefit, to let you see proximity information for 2 weeks for your own reasons whatever they may be.  ( article by Chris Christou )


In Cyprus we have had up to now nearly 8 weeks of lockdown.

Governments worldwide have done their thing locking down the population for different reasons, be it to protect the public and/or to get a time-out to upgrade their health systems in hospitals for the next wave.

My aim is to give people the power and the chance to make their own decisions, as lockdown is fear, lockdown is economic disaster and lockdown is emotionally depressing to be allowed to keep happening.  

Human Interaction is vital for human survival and in some small way I want people to have the right to see data and make their own judgements  ( article by Chris Christou )




Pandemic spread is happening primarily exponentially due to 3 vectors  (1)  work , (2)  leisure,  (3) schools.

Digital contact tracing using the right data if done properly helps us calculate "RISK" and better understand a disease better. Remember when AIDS came out and everyone was in a panic about how to not even being in the same room with someone who has AIDS is safe ? Well COVID has literally taken us back in time to an error of not knowing about it when in fact SARS and other viruses should have been documented in a way to be able to see risks and know probabilities of how to deal with COVID.

Examples include going to the sea ... is it risky ? Is spending time in a coffee shop for 5 minutes dangerous without a mask ? How much time  i.e. level & time of exposure is considered safe ? These are questions with no clear answers at the moment, and speculation from a scientists is a bad idea.

60 year old computer systems like COBOL used by governments have their place for simple information but cannot deal with data on the scale we deal with it now.  It has come to the attention through news &  media lately of these outdated systems still not being replaced. Currently IBM is rushing to train people on COBOL.

To have a stable economy we need a modern and highly alert computerized health system as our health determines how we live long and healthy lives and go on being useful to society. ( article by Chris Christou )



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