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Bespoke  iOT Solutions

Software is the biggest single component in most of today’s electronic devices


Depending on the end product, part-system integration/middleware our arsenal can include but not limited to using Perl, Python/frameworks, C++, mySQL/file based datasets, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Visual Studio Extensions, chrooting and more... 

Why use embedded linux ?

The Linux operating system is the most widely used operating system of choice for embedded devices not limited to processors such as ARM, MIPS, Atheros, Free scale to name a few. The innovation and growth of open source community both hardware and software leads to it being the operating system of choice for such situations.

The abstraction, portability and longevity makes it an ideal platform for solutions.

Embedded devices are designed for a specific purpose for example to automate processes. Its versatility, reliability and stability makes it an ideal choice in this case. Our in-house solutions to build middleware and application software would not have been made possible without linux embedded on various hardware platforms.
The way in which peripherals, interfaces, USB and ethernet can be implemented using abstraction allows our software solutions to be ported and implemented easily into future hardware.  

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