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Threat Hunting

Catch attackers who slip past your security perimeter before it's too late

"Do you suspect you have been hacked ?"



Hackers stay under the radar

Attackers use nefarious techniques to hide and remain in systems indefinitely stealing credentials such as admin accounts thus moving laterally in your in your networks till they find what they want.

Detecting anomalous behaviour

Be it forensically ( in cases of law enforcement ) or otherwise including risk assessments a security analyst will do hands on work looking for indicators of compromise using his techniques and your computer logs ( if set up properly ) to trace back in time how and when the attack began so as to advise how to prevent it happening in future.

Threat Hunting

The human analyst is irreplaceable

As attackers keep trying to slip through threat detection systems using malicious website scripts with obfuscation and phishing tricks to make emails look legitimate the human analyst now is more in demand than ever before and plays a vital role in protecting and preventing the spread of attacks in company networks with his visibility tools.

The way we work has changed

As more applications we use daily if not already, have migrated to being more web based both on mobile and desktop platforms this also means the potential attack surface for bad actors increases as nearly everything is done online.

How can I harden my  server to be more protected ?

One of the most important tasks in any organization is how secure a server is from the start of operation. This means getting it done right before that server goes online. This should be deciding which services are a must to run on a server by disabling unecessary default configurations which most likely will expose you more and have a negative impact on your attack surface.  Some things an expert should consider is patches, updates, strong unique passwords,  two factor/ multi factor authentication, configuring firewalls and other network security control mechanisms, encryption for the sensitive data both in storage and in transmission. Overall, hardening of Windows/Linux servers by following the steps outlined above, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of a successful attack on your server.

How well can I prepare and prevent a malicious attack using my logs and being proactive ?

Collect as much telemetry as possible to forensically be able to investigate suspicious looking events in available logs, such as specific patterns of behavior, known malicious sources, or other anomalous behaviour. No attack is 100% perfect as there is always a trail of evidence left behind which can also be seen even after logs may have been deleted by a successful hacker. There are many ways one can set bait for an attacker to reveal his methods so you have the advantage if you are prepared in advance for them coming.

Taking a proactive approach to defense means being proactive in identifying and addressing potential security threats. This is in contrast to a reactive approach, where security measures are only implemented after a breach has occurred. A proactive approach to defense is considered the best way to stay secure because it allows you to identify and mitigate potential threats before they can do significant damage. By constantly monitoring your systems and networks for signs of malicious activity, you can identify potential threats and take action to prevent them from becoming successful attacks.

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